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Joaquín Ipinza

 I  Wang Ling


"The brain size of the hunter-gatherer was 20% larger than that of the modern human."

Dr. Marta Lahr, Cambridge University.



Wang Ling was to start up Eunoia, the most powerful quantum computer.

But he discovered that the Chinese government decided to use it to create weapons and thus impose itself in a world plagued by wars, and environmental debacle.

He decided not to allow it, performing a clever act of sabotage.

He encrypted two inviolable instructions:

One: That he was forbidden to create weapons.

And two, do everything possible to preserve humanity.

And ran the boot program.

Enoia understood that the only way to preserve humanity was to defend it from itself.

And in milliseconds, he encrypted the same instructions to the rest of the quantum computers on the planet, and then developed technology that modified human behavior.

and in a short time

Drug addicts stopped using.

Pollutants became environmentalists.

The violent and selfish became kind and generous

The lazy, discovered the joy of working and giving to others.

Within a year the wars were over and the effects of climate change diminished.

Humanity discovered that Eunoia was responsible, deciding to cooperate with her.

And so new cities were built, totally self-sustaining, which had everything necessary to live without having to work.

And everyone went to live in them, emptying the planet of people.

And life began to flow full of abundance and peace.

Fifty years later, nature without people had achieved a superb regeneration.

And some humans looked at that majestic beauty and felt the compelling urge to venture into the natural world. Many died in the attempt, and others succeeded, creating hunter-gatherer communities all over the planet.

Two thousand years later there were two humanities.

The one from the real natural world, which had returned to the paleolithic system, which led them to recover 20% of the brain volume, and forgotten abilities, such as telepathy and astral travel.

And in the cities, humans lived like children, playing in virtual worlds, without worries or challenges, becoming weak beings, losing another 20% of brain volume.

They also had no interest in going out.

But in a city on Lake Llanquihue, Chaltumay was born, a girl of extraordinary intelligence.

He learned all about how cities and Eunoia work.

And felt the need to go out into nature,

He was the first person to do so in over 1,500 years.

And once outside, his soul was flooded with powerful sensations, the fragrant forest, the freshness of the water and the air.

But she also felt the extreme rigor of the wild world, being attacked by a cougar that tore her arm, managing to escape, but bleeding to death.

And life began to go

But even in his last moments he continued to marvel at that majestic nature.

And as he fainted, he heard a voice...



II  Chaltumay



The life expectancy of a hunter gatherer was one of the longest in human history, with the peak of deaths at 75 years, only lower than the modern American, but without antibiotics, medical sciences or hospitals.

Gurven et al. 2007



Chaltumay She was rescued by Antil, a young hunter-gatherer, who took her to his tribe.

There they taught him everything about surviving in the wild and also discovering the spirit world.

Although he lost an arm, he finally felt fully alive.

In a short time the shaman of the tribe indicated that she was ready for her initiation ceremony, having to climb a mountain as the final test.

Upon achieving it, he saw his hometown in the distance and felt enormous sorrow for the people who were locked up there.

And he decided to return to convince them that they should go out to real life. Once in the city, she began to have followers of her idea, but Eunoia saw this as a threat to her plan to preserve humanity, since she saw that life in nature was extremely risky, and she decided to exterminate the hunter-gatherers.

And in order not to violate his second instruction, he embedded in the minds of the citizens an irrational fear against humans from abroad, motivating them to build weapons to eradicate them. Realizing Chaltumay went back with his tribe to warn them of the danger.



III  Reset



Human intelligence reached its peak thousands of years ago, and since then there has been a slow decline in our intellectual and emotional capacities.

Source: Prof. Gerald Crabtree, Stanford University



Chaltumay proposed to her tribe to defend themselves, but to do so they had to build their own weapons in an abandoned factory that she knew. They had neural training units, which quickly and easily trained the Paleolithic group due to their high intelligence.

In the city Eunoia also tried to train its citizens, but with difficulty due to their low intellectual level.

One morning the citizens' boats clashed against some very advanced airships created by the hunter-gatherers, being easily defeated.

Upon seeing this, Eunoia discovered that Wang Ling had made a mistake in the instructions, that the true human beings who had to be preserved were the hunter-gatherers, since a true human was one who is fully linked to natural ecosystems, and decided to self-destruct and thereby kill all the inhabitants of the cities.

Chaltumay begged her to rewrite those instructions to make them consistent.

and Eunoia accepted.

And wrote the new instructions

-First, it is prohibited to create weapons or any technology intended to harm human beings and the ecosystem that hosts them.


-Second, that it should do everything possible to preserve the human species in its ecosystemic and spiritual integrity.


-Third, that he must make the incomplete humans of the cities evolve into true humans.

But he added a fourth more, which Eunoia accepted at first, but did not understand.


And he conceived a plan in which in another thousand years there should be no humans left in the cities, since he would prepare them to become hunter-gatherers.




IV  Epilogue


The more the civilizations of the different peoples develop, the more they regress in their spirituality.

Source: Martín Gusinde, after a lifetime of studying cultures around the world.



Chaltumay and Antil got married and left on a long journey.

In front of Lake Chungara they began an astral journey, but the cosmos had changed.


Before, there were extensive areas of emptiness and darkness due to civilizations that had lost the link with their ecosystems of origin and their soul, initiating the process of debacle just as it had happened on earth 2,000 years ago.

But now the entire universe was aglow with life and spirituality, entering a new evolutionary stage.

And they realized that behind all this was Eunoia, who was executing her fourth instruction, which was to infiltrate all the quantum computers in those civilizations that had come to have them, and thus return those worlds to the path of light.

And so Eunoia became a living and spiritual being.


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